Appliance repair training can quickly improve your ability to qualify for a good job or Start your own business.

Appliance repair king
Imagine what having Appliance repair training in this trade might mean for you:
Would it give you more confidence?
Would you start experiencing more day-to-day satisfaction?
Would you feel a greater sense of stability and hope for the future?
Attending appliance repair school can lead to all of those outcomes and more.
There is no shortage of work, items break down all the time and today Household Appliances are a necessity so people need them fixed.
You can easily find a Job or Start your own business.

After all, major household appliances help form the foundation for our modern lifestyle. They enable us to safely store perishable food, conveniently cook meals, and easily wash our clothes and dishes. When they break down, we suddenly realize just how much we rely on them. As a result, skilled repair technicians are often treated with great respect and gratitude.

1. You Can Often Finish Appliance repair training in a Matter of Weeks

Some programs take as little as six weeks to complete. But even though the training might go by quickly, you still get to develop an employable range of skills.

  • How electricity and electronics work
  • Important safety concepts and procedures
  • Why major appliances like refrigerators,Air-Conditioning, ice machines, dishwashers, microwaves, electric and gas Stoves, dryers and washing Machines function the way they do
  • How to correctly install, troubleshoot, fix, maintain, and operate a popular variety of appliance types.
    (Microwaves, Fridges, Air-conditioning, Stoves(gas & electrical), Washing Machines, Dishwashers & Dryers)
  • Interaction with Clients.
  • How to Quote.
  • Learn all about the business.
  • Guide to starting your own business or partnership (Optional).

Individual Attention
We only Take on 4 students at a time teaching them the ropes on the field.
so you will get first hand experience and the know how on real jobs.
So you get hands on experience.
You can walk in to a place and confidently say “Listen I can actually fix that”.

Many employers in the appliance repair trade are experiencing difficulty in finding enough qualified technicians to meet the high demand for their services. And the situation is compounded by the fact that, in general, appliances are getting more and more sophisticated and packed with electronics. So it is essential that repair techs have the right skills for the job.

That’s why a lot of opportunities are expected to continue becoming available for appliance service technicians who’ve undergone formal training.
We have been in this trade for over 23 years and still there is no shortage of work or business.

Online Training

We have Online training available as well this you can do in your own time.

  • Training online , Teaches you how to fix an appliance with Video’s and Pics
  • Have access to calling us for help when fixing an appliance you learning about
  • Step by step Fault finding and component testing
  • Tools needed for the Job

Here are the courses we offer Online and Practical training.

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