Microwave Repairs Durban

Microwave Repairs Durban to all makes and models.
Things you should do before calling us :

  1. Check that the plug is in the wall socket and that its switched on
  2. Unplug the Microwave for 5 min then try it again
  3. Test the wall socket with another appliance like a kettle
  4. Unplug the Microwave and check the plug and cable for damages or burns (See images)
  5. DO NOT open a Microwave it is one of the most dangerous appliances there are and it can kill you. Even when its unplugged.
Microwave Repairs Durban Appliance Repair king fault wall plug
Microwave Repairs Durban Appliance Repair king Repairs

We also Repair:

Fridges, TV’s, Washing Machines, Stoves, Sound Systems and industrial Appliances around Durban.

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