Fridge Repairs Roodepoort

ARK Fridge repairs Roodepoort repair all makes of Refrigerators & Freezers.

Our workmanship is guaranteed.
We do mostly onsite Repairs.

  • Furthermore you do not pay for a call-out fee when you accept our quote provided the Job is done onsite else the call out will be a collection and delivery free that is not refundable.

We also provide damage reports for Surges, lightning and flood

Be sure to check this list below before calling us :

  1. is the Fridge plugged in the wall socket ?
  2. is the wall socket turned on?
  3. open the door check if the light is on
  4. Remember allot of people think “ITS GAS” but in most cases its not , gas will only run out if one of the pipes have been poked due to defrosting with a knife or sharp object or pipe corrosion.

if this is all checked then call us on 081 720 4661