Amid the Covid-19 virus which we are currently faced with, which has caused our country as well as the globe to go into a state of disaster.
The effect of this announcement since Sunday is starting to take its toll on small and medium enterprises.
Businesses are closing doors with the hope to open at some stage.
Some will unfortunately never be able to open the doors again due to the economic effect this disaster has on them.

At Appliance Repair King, we are taking measures to protect our customers, our community we service as well as ourselves by using steriliser on all appliances that are being collected and before they are delivered.

We have a very small percentage of customers coming into the shop who drop off the smaller appliances and these will also be sterilised when being dropped off and when being collected.
Our staff members are also aware of social distancing and how to apply it.

Also our staff has been informed of the seriousness when it comes to washing hands and sterilising their hands as well as the appliances and the van is currently being used to collect and deliver.

We are committed to minimising the risks of the virus where we can going forward.