Call out fee Explained

Most people don’t want to pay a call out fee or look for people who don’t charge a call out fee,  lets explain the difference.

Free call outs

  • if a company advertise free call out they have covered the call out expense from another source and 90% will be more expensive with there service. So you end up paying more in the long run.
  • Smaller Companies that cannot afford to not charge a call out but do refund the call out if there quote is accepted and provided the Job is done onsite.
  • IF an item is Taken away the call out will not be refunded but considered a collection and delivery fee.
  • Why the call out ? Well.. would you work for free? We have tested this “No call out  Charge” and have had massive loss due to quote rejection and people abusing the free call out  charge by just getting professionals to come out access the machine find the fault so the client can go buy parts and fix it themselves cheaper, this is really unfair on the company and the skilled professionals , its just rude.

Call out Fee

Consider this with appliances you need 2 people to come out and work on your machine a skilled and a semi skilled person , this is necessary for many reasons like safety , carrying items , moving them around and physical labor . These people need to be Paid for there time not to mention petrol costs and Vehicle Wear & Tear. Lets Say there are 10 call outs for that day and they all free the Small company would lose around 1000 p/day without making any money on a bad month this could bankrupt a small company.

Remember large companies have large overheads so a free call out from them will result in a expensive repair not to mention turnaround time as well.
A Small company like ourselves try to maintain a 2 day turnaround time from quote, collection, repair and delivery.
So think twice when considering not to pay a call out free because we discount the call out fee from the final bill of the item repaired unless you decline the quote then the call out covers the companies expenses used to come to you.