Appliance Repair Check List

with the Appliance repair check list ,the first thing you want to do is check this check list for the basic things you may have missed :

  1. Is the appliance plugged into the wall plug ? (see fig 1)
  2. is the wall plug switched on ? (see fig 1)
  3. Have you switched on the machines Power Button or dial ?
  4. If its a front loader machine, make sure the door is closed properly,
  5. if you still have no power test the wall plug with another device like a kettle.
  6. If its a oven make sure you switched on the timer / some overs wont power up without the timer started or set.
  7. Have you checked the DB box if all the switches are up?
  8. Unplug the power cable and wait 2 min then plug it back in.
  9. unplug the power cable and check the power cord for any damages.
  10. check the plug that all the wires are still connected (see fig 2).

    appliance Repair king check listappliance Repair king check list








So if you have checked everything you and its still not working you can cal or what-app  us  on  0725717390
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